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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need access to the Internet for using the Paideia service? In order to use our platform, you need to be connected to the Internet. It lets us personalize your account and make your learning process the most convenient on all devices. Also, the Internet access is needed for accessing the translator service, watching videos, analyzing texts etc. What kind of product do we offer to our users? Having analyzed the trending market, we developed a unique approach to learning English. Our product includes features that you will not be able to find on other platforms, and this highlights us in contrast to the existing methods.

We were able to unite a classic approach to learning languages tested by time with the modern technologies, and in combination it gives a noticeable growth in effectiveness of learning and assimilation of the knowledge. How to start using the Paideia service? In order to start using our service, you need to complete a registration procedure on our website. We offer a trial account with the full function set to our clients for getting acquainted with the product. After completing the trial period, you will be offered to choose one of the available subscriptions to our service (from one to twelve months). After buying the subscription, the whole function set will be fully available for you for the time of your subscription. What devices can I use to access Paideia? We take care of our clients, so we made sure they can use our service from any modern device. Which means that the entrance and usage of your account is available on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets IOS and Android), as well as from any kind of computer (PS, laptop based on Windows, MacOS etc. operating systems). How can I pay for the Paideia service? In order to subscribe to our service, you will need an active bank card (Mastercard/Visa) with the activated option of online payments. After picking the suitable tariff. you can go to the payment page and complete the payment. I have lost the access to the account. What should I do? Follow the link to restore your password